Ivan Achmad Nurcholis, Ria Angraini, Washlurachim Safitri, Esa Putriami


This research aimed to identify the types of maxim (Grice’s theory) and the most dominant maxim which was flouted by English students  on English proposal seminar in English Education Study Program of  Muhammadiyah University of Bengkulu. The design of this research was descriptive method. The subjects of this research were 20 students as participants in question and answer on English Proposal Seminar, and the data were collected from the utterances of English students in answering the Examiners’ questions in English Proposal Seminar in English Education Study Program of  Muhammadiyah University of Bengkulu. The instrument of this research was observation notes and checklist. The result of the research  could be concluded that first, there were four types of maxims flouted by the students. They were 1) maxim of quantity (21 utterances that  flouted by the students; 2)  maxim of quality  (4 utterances flouted by students); 3) maxim of manner (11 utterances that flouted by students), and 4) maxim of relevance (13 utterances  that  flouted by the students). Second, the most dominant maxim which flouted by students on English students’ proposal seminar in English Education Study Program of  Muhammadiyah University of Bengkulu was maxim of quantity with percentage 42.85% and identified for 21 times. In line with information above, it  was suggested that  the participants should aware  and cooperate in doing communication particularly in answering the examiners’ questions by knowing the types of flouting maxims and seeing the context corectly because it can make the seminar runs well and avoid miscommunication that  affected to the result of their seminars.

Keywords: pragmatics, cooperative principle, flouting maxims, and english                      proposal seminar

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