Fenomena Redenominasi dan Korelasinya dengan Inflasi

Wiwit Apit Sulistyowati, Agung Yulianto


Simplification program the number of digits in the denomination currency without reducing its value is considered quite important. This needs to be supported with an intensive socialization process to avoid any perception of people who think that redenomination with sanering. Although the implementation of redenomination need more costs, such us the socialization costs, restructuring charges and the cost of printing new money. In terms of accounting, redenomination does not have a significant effect, the company just needs to do the restatement for comparative financial statements and full disclosure. Redenomination will not have negative effects on the economy, strong economy and stable political will facilitate the process of redenomination. If businesses believe that the economy is performing well, redenomination could be in line with expectations. However, redenomination resulted in increased inflation if businesses believe that economy slowed or worsened when the policy was implemented. Successful redenomination could only be done at the time of inflation and inflation expectations stable and low.

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