Nadya Ulva Nurbaety


This paper entitled Exploring Students’ Motivation in EFL Classroom. Learning English is important for EFL students in globalization era, but they still find it difficult and boring to learn English in the classroom. Students need modifications in learning English in the classroom, because it affects students’ learning motivation. Several influenced factors for students in learning motivation are classroom condition, teacher’s way of teaching, and learning media (Hammer, 1991 cited in Wimolmas, 2014). Babaae (2012) said that motivation was a crucial factor in define language performance, related to setting/ place and teaching learning elements. A psychological process which refers and shows students’ learning behavior is called Motivation (Moreno, R: 2010). This research answer the questions about what factors caused students motivated in learning English, whether power point presentation can be a good motivator in learning English, and what students’ type of motivation in learning English. The aimed of the research is to analyze students’ motivation in learning English, includes its factors, media and types. The writer conducted descriptive qualitative research method. Observation sheet and some questionnaires are used to get the data. The research participants are 40 students of secondary stage school in SMPN 5 Cirebon. In the end, the conclusion is physical condition as the most influenced motivation factors for students, visual-aids such as power point presentation as learning media in the classroom can be a good motivator for students, 2 and students at the secondary stage of SMPN 5 Cirebon have intrinsic motivation in learning English.
Keywords: Learning Motivation, EFL Classroom, Visual-Aids, Power Point Presentation

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